4 adults. 1 little helper. 2 babies. 2 pumpkins. Red leaves. Chopped wood. Lots of blankets. Afternoon sun. 15 minutes. With the help of Mommy, Auntie Alison and my lovely neighbours, Alisa & Kayley, we were able to entertain these 2 little pumpkins long enough to get a few candid Autumn photos. The girls are 5 months old now and growing every day.


When my cousin Tara asked if I could photograph her wedding day, I was so honoured. It was an absolutely spectacular July day and such a emotional and fun moment. Here are a few teasers…more to come ­čÖé xo

So sweet...

So sweet…

We did it!!

We did it!!

Tara, Chris, Hudson & Mason

Tara, Chris, Hudson & Mason


Sofia Emma {Little Princess}

{A baby girl…one of the most beautiful miracles in life, one of the greatest joys we can ever know, and one of the reasons why there is a little extra sunshine, laughter and happiness in your world today – Author Unknown}

I had the opportunity for a second date with Sofia. In one week…is it possible she got cuter? Mommy and I had some fun with outfits, hairbands and flowers! For a newborn, this little princess does not want to miss a moment of what is happening around her…her eyes were wide open and always watching the camera or her mommy. Enjoy! xo


{Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body – Elizabeth Stone }

When you have known someone for over 15 years, it is a unique experience to see them transition into parenthood. I have known this little girl’s daddy since he was 16, through ups and downs, good times and crazy times…I saw him fall in love and marry his amazing soulmate and now the birth of his beautiful, baby girl, Sofia Emma.

Sofia has her mother’s graceful beauty but her dad’s inquisitive stares. Here are a couple of teaser images of Sofia – we only had a very short session so I’ll be visiting her again later this week for some more fun. Stay tuned! xo


{A new baby is like the beginning of all things – wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities – Eda J. Le Shan}

Our group of friends has been waiting 9 months to welcome these two little cute-sters into the world. Only 9 days old and I had the pleasure of spending a few moments with newborn identical twins, Sadie & Nyla, before the light disappeared. I am looking forward to our next photo session because Mommy has some fun outfits for us to play with.

Thank you, Kirsten and Nolan, for letting me capture a few of these precious moments. It’s so special.┬áCongratulations on these beautiful baby girls. xo